Cybook Orizon

Posted on 01/09/2011 in Hardware

The Cybook Orizon was the 4th generation of eBook reader made by Bookeen.


The Cybook Orizon is the 3rd device I worked on when I was working for Bookeen. It was the first device we released that use both a touch-screen and Wifi.

The device hardware was designed by a taiwanese ODM, external appearance made specifically for us and all the software running on the device was made or adapted in house.

It used a Samsung s3c2416 SoC with a non e-ink e-paper screen (Sipix) with its corresponding controller, a touch screen, a tilt sensor (mecanical) and Wi-Fi


The Cybook Orizon:

Cybook Orizon

Projects created or used

A few project were created or used with this device:

  • FnX a bootloader created in house
  • CybUpdate the application used for updating devices
  • fusd a linux kernel module allowing to create user space based device
  • MkFactory an appliation made to generate the image of the flash storage programmed before building the device.
  • CyEvd a daemon tool used to translate linux input event into the event type the main reading app was expecting while using fusd
  • Linux used as the OS running on the device
  • Various linux kernel module to support specific hardware on the device including a display driver