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Posted on 05/04/2024 in Software • Tagged with C, Macintosh, PICT, PNG, Image, File format

Pict2Png is an image converter to convert the PICT (version 1) image format from the original Macintosh to PNG.


There is surprisingly really little tools that deal with the original PICT format (version 1) and more that deal with version 2 which came with QuickDraw Color, but even if …

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Posted on 13/09/2010 in Software • Tagged with update tool, e-ink, C, file format, encryption, Python

CybUpate is a set of tool used on eBook readers for updating their OS, tool and running sofware.


Around 2008-2009 when I was working for Bookeen we had an issue with a reseller bricking devices by updating them using a corrupted updater file. At the time, update were just …

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FUSD: A Linux Framework for User-Space Devices

Posted on 01/03/2010 in Software • Tagged with Linux, kernel module, user-space device, device driver

fusd is a Linux Framework for User-Space Devices.


When the Cybook Orizon project started it became apparent to me that the main reading application should use native linux input event instead of using its own module reading the status of buttons or certains IO, as the reading app was …

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FnX - A simple linux Bootloader

Posted on 25/02/2010 in Software • Tagged with ARM, linux, bootloader, s3c2416

FnX is a small linux capable bootloader for a Samsung s3c2416 and related variant.


When the Cybook Orizon project started, I was given some platform code for it from the ODM which mainly came with a copy of the Linux Kernel sources and uboot.

The uboot provided was so …

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