Emu51 - 0.02B alpha

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Emu51 is a 8051 emulator. You can download it here (Downloaded 45 time(s))

Old version : 0.02A :here (Downloaded 34 time(s))

There is an assembler who can be used with emu51 that can be downloaded here


EMU51 (Mariusz Kasolik) - Modifications done by TRAPIER Manoel (godzil@free.fr)
Source file (platform independed)

Emulator accepts *.bin, *.hex files.
You can also compile source file by using external compiler, emu51 is compatible with
free 8051 compiler by MetaLink Corporation (http://www.metaice.com/ASM51/Files/ASM51.zip).
Just put asm51.exe into this directory and use Shift+F9 key combination to compile and load source file (only windows :-( ).
I'm still searching multiplatform 8051 assembler compiler for emu51, because i want to add full compilation support for all supported platforms.

You can find history in the file of the same name.

- Compilation has been tested with VisualStudio 6 using latest (4.1.9) allegro library.
- Compilation tested too with DJGPP with GCC 3.2.1 and allegro 4.1.9


2003-12-11 (0.02.B alpha) - TRAPIER Manoel (godzil@free.fr)
- Update some opcodes

2003-12-04 (0.02.A alpha) - TRAPIER Manoel (godzil@free.fr)
- Added opcode for MOV C,(bit)
- Added opcode for CPL C

2003-10-31 (v0.02 alpha) - Mariusz Kasolik
- corrected hex loading
- added flag support for "add" and "addc" instructions
- added offset counting in relative jumps for disassembler


-> Correct timer0 issue
-> Find invalids opcodes
-> Expand GUI
-> make pure win32 gui ??
-> Compile with full version of VC6...